When the Details Matter… There's finewood Structures in Browerville, MN.

At finewood Structures we believe the overall appearance of a piece begins and ends with the smallest of details. This is how were are able to continuously design and create pieces that are genuinely unique from one another. Decorative plugs, ornate cut-outs, intricate door panels, rounded features, and elaborate finishes all help to make your wood pieces unique.

We place great emphasis on everything that we do, giving even the smallest of details a high-degree of attention. At finewood Structures we pull inspiration from anywhere and everywhere, working in details from existing décor within your home. Backed by years of experience and paired with the know-how to utilize advanced CNC technology, we are able to turn even the most complex idea into something that seamlessly fits into your home.

Click through our portfolio to view descriptions about the specific details/projects displayed.

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