High-Quality. High-Impact. Commercial Work.

From engineered drawings to final installation, we provide all the professional woodworking services required to meet your company’s specific needs.

While a good portion of our work pertains to the residential sector, our high-profile woodworking services are not lost on the commercial side of the spectrum. As a professional woodworking shop we are capable of handling any sized job and have proudly completed numerous commercial projects for area businesses and religious centers. At finewood Strutures we are readily able to transfer our custom, detail-oriented woodworking services to your commercial job, no matter the project scope.

From stained glass frames to retail shelving and bank teller lines, we have the needed experience, advanced equipment, and skilled staff to successfully complete your next commercial woodworking project. Our portfolio of commercial work currently includes projects from within the hospitality, banking, medical, religious, and service industries. We welcome you to look through our online showroom to view a small glimpse of the quality craftsmanship we can provide for your company.

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